Art of War

Art Project / Poster Series

Art of War is an art project and poster series exploring humanity’s most troubling and pervasive trait. The futility and farce of waging war upon people we have never met due to man-made constructs like nationalism, race superiority, religion, and geographical borders is humanity‚Äôs greatest failing. Yet the universal and historical prevalence of war leaves us with an undeniable sense that it is intrinsically human, and perhaps unavoidable. Art of War began with a hand-grenade painted as a Rubiks Cube; a representation of war as a puzzle we can’t quite seem to solve. Objects of war were collected and hand painted with comical design elements in bright primary colours to draw attention to the bewildering insanity of self-extermination.

Project Credits

Art Direction / Design / Painting: Anthony Furia
Photography: Fabio H Buritica 161 Content Studios

Art of War Grenade Poster Design by Furia
Art of War Bullets Poster Design by Furia
Art of War Logo Identity Design by Furia
Art of War Gas Mask Poster Design by Furia
Art of War Helmet Poster Design by Furia

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