Beyond The Wall

Illustration / Lettering / Merchandise Design

Beyond The Wall are a punk-rock band from Ajax, Ontario. Furia was approached to create a visual concept that communicated the band’s social perspective and lyrical themes across promotional and merchandise channels. Drawing upon the band name for inspiration, “The Wall” was explored as a barrier between hope and despair, truth and idealism, vitality and numbness. We all put barriers up to protect us from feeling vulnerable, particularly in our youth; barriers that are either self-constructed or placed upon us by others. This idea was taken further by applying it to the metaphor of a maskā€”the daily veneer we wear in order to hide our fears and insecurities. This concept was then executed as a bright illustrated figure with a happy expression crumbling away to reveal the hollow void within, and the question posed “Are You Alive Beyond The Wall?”.

Project Credits

Strategy: Vanessa Markov, Anthony Furia
Creative Direction / Illustration / Lettering: Anthony Furia

Beyond The Wall Illustration Poster by Furia
Beyond The Wall Tshirt Design by Furia
Beyond The Wall Gig Flyer Design by Furia
Beyond The Wall Guitar Pick Design by Furia
Beyond The Wall Badge Pins Design by Furia
Beyond The Wall Band Poster Design by Furia

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