Nothing Serious

Album Cover Design / Merchandise Design

Nothing Serious is a three-piece punk-rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Furia was commissioned to design cover artwork for the band’s first LP vinyl pressing and individual artworks of the single track listings for digital streaming services. Finding inspiration in the band’s lyrical themes and aesthetic, the creative direction for the illustration style pays homage to 1980’s B-grade horror movie posters and comic books through the use of strong flat color and thick line art. Additional promotional items for the album launch including posters, apparel, and stickers were also created.

Project Credits

Creative Direction / Design / Illustration: Anthony Furia

Nothing Serious Music Album Cover Design by Furia
Nothing Serious Poster Design 1 by Furia
Nothing Serious Music Design by Furia
Nothing Serious Poster Design 3 by Furia
Nothing Serious Sticker Design by Furia
Nothing Serious Apparel Design by Furia

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