Interactive Design / Data Visualization

DesignThinkers is Canada‚Äôs premier annual conference for creative communications and design professionals. The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), who organize and host the two-day event, were looking for an interactive design piece that attendees could engage with between speaker presentations that conveyed the 2018 conference theme of “speak the truth”.

A series of industry-related questions had were displayed on the conference center main hall auditorium screen, inviting audience members to visit a bespoke URL on their mobile devices where they could respond and discover what the “black and white truth” looked like. Upon visiting the URL, participants were given the choice to answer the questions by clicking “yes” or “no” buttons. Responses were collected sequentially into a database and assigned a white square for “yes” or a black square for “no” which then displayed on the screen. As the results came in, audience members saw their collective responses visualized in real-time, building unique and intricate geometric patterns giving visual form to “truth”. Inspired by these response patterns, a series of experimental type specimens were later explored.

Project Credits

Creative Direction / Design / Front-end Web Development: Anthony Furia
Back-end Web Development: Aditya Chugh

DesignThinkers Interactive Digital Design by Furia
Design Thinkers Interactive Data Visualization Design by Furia
Experimental Typography 5 by Furia
DesignThinkers Interactive Design 3 by Furia
Experimental Typography 2 by Furia
DesignThinkers Interactive Design 2 by Furia
Experimental Typography 4 by Furia
Experimental Typography by Furia
DesignThinkers Data Visualization 2 by Furia
DesignThinkers Interactive Mobile Design by Furia
DesignThinkers Data Visualization by Furia
Experimental Typography 3 by Furia

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